Why do I do what I do?

In first grade art class I submitted a Peter Cotton Tail drawing to an Easter-themed school drawing contest. I drew and colored a picture of Peter Cotton Tail holding a basket full of colorful eggs. All of the manilla paper entries were turned in to be judged and critiqued. A couple of days later, I found out I had won the grand prize! A huge chocolate rabbit! After the first few bites I felt a rush from the rabbit's sweet goodness. It was then and there I realized art and I would be friends forever. It was a calling that would become a passion.

Through the years I began to look at life and all of it's wonder through the eyes of an artist. Simplicity, design, beauty, style, colors, and concepts all began to inspire my creativity. My thought process was being influenced by art and design in its purest form, molding me into the designer I am today. Throughout the years I began honing my skills, investing in countless private art lessons. I couldn't get enough. Art classes were always an adventure for me; a chance to dive into the innermost depths of my consciousness and imagine anything. My skills began to develop as I branched out to the computer and other types of media. Art was and is in my blood.

How Wimberly Works