Toni&Guy / TIGI International - the both ways ad

Toni&Guy / TIGI International
The "Both Ways" Ad

The "both ways" ad is a two page spread and was the first in a series of ads to introduce additional products (Control Freak) into the original five product Bed Head line. This ad was in all of the major fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines. The market was 70% female and 30% male. We wanted to be seen by teens, young adults and all of those who wanted to feel like a teen or a young adult again. We weren't just selling haircuts and shampoo, we were selling culture, attitude and a sexy, hip lifestyle. After the first wave of ads came out there was an immediate increase in sales of Bed Head products across salons nationwide. I believe this is one of my best works because it was on target with the market and it elevated the Bed Head line to new levels of sales, popularity and recognition.

JCPenney Its All Inside Sales Trigger Kit

"It's All Inside" Sales Trigger Kit

The task was to reach out to JCPenney's most coveted clientele and bring them back to JCPenney. The idea was to give away as many JCPenney "It's All Inside" shirts as possible to preferred JCPenney customers across the nation. The target was eighteen and up, female, and uses their JCPenney card several times a month. My group planned and wrote questions for focus groups at JCPenney headquarters. The task was to enrich, delight, and in some cases re-establish a relationship with JCPenney. The main message we were trying to convey was "It's All Inside" at JCPenney. The "It's All Inside" message reveals itself when you open the three flaps of the box lid and then once again when you read the shirt. The shirt was accompanied by a special letter of acknowledgment and a sales trigger piece aimed at driving them to the store, catalog or web page. JCPenney liked our solution so much that they asked us to design their Customer Privilege Program, Holiday mailers and several other direct brochure pieces.

Keys Fitness Products - 4500/5500 Treadmill Brochure

Keys Fitness Products
4500/5500 Treadmill Brochure

The Keys 4500/5500 series treadmills have always been some of the best treadmills in the business and are sold all over the world. Early on at Keys I was tasked with re-branding and re-introducing them to the global market. The 4500/5500 treadmills needed a fresh new look with supporting collateral, predominant web placement with redesign of the Keys webpage, unit/box graphics in eight languages, POP, business to business and retail ads, banner ads on all of our retail partners web sites and a series e-blasts. After the re-launch of the 4500/5500 treadmills Keys Fitness had an immediate jump in sales of approximately 170 units nationwide. After a nation-wide e-blast the 5500 treadmill was featured on Good Morning America's top 10 new fitness products contest and ended up in the top three. The project came in under budget and met or exceeded all sales and marketing goals. The successful re-launch lead the way to production of Keys 6500 Treadmill.